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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

New Monday Night Show

Looking for a new IT show --8:30/7:30 centeral Monday Night CBS has got you covered!!


The series follows two lifelong BFFs. Louis (Michael Urie loved him on Ulgy Betty!!) and Joe (David Krumholtz) are now 30-something partners at an architectural firm and are a true odd couple. Louis and Joe's endearing and sometimes overbearing 'bromance' only complicates the other relationships in their lives—especially with Joe's fiancĂ© Ali (Sophia Bush), and Louis' beau Wyatt (Brandon Routh).

Friends—can't live with 'em, can't live without 'embut what about working together? 

Partners is based on its co-creators, David Kohan and Max Mutchnik, the Emmy Award winning duo behind Will & Grace who also happen to be real-life best friends.


  1. Thanks for the review on this tv show!

  2. Oh I am in for anything made from the people who created Will&Grace! This ought to be hilarious!!!

  3. Interesting idea for a show.. hopefully it is available on Hulu or something because I don't have a tv.

  4. Sounds interesting. Takes me a while to get around to watching TV shows! Maybe my kids will like it! :-)


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