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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Tenantify Website #Review

Are you a landlord-you need to check out this website  called Tenantify (  It helps landlord verify tenant's employment and income. ALl you need to have it the tenants Name Phone Number and e-mail and  you put in your request. This is a free service to landlords  it save landlord  time, hassle, prevent fraud risk, and make renting worry-free. 

I have a friend who rents out  three apartments and doing a background and income check was a choir  he  his wife didn't enjoy it was time consuming and many times they found applicants would have their friends pose as former employers to make them look better-- with tenantify income and   employment verification are done  using  secured bank account API by partnering with DecisionLogic.
They will get back to you with in one business day--what a great turn around!!!

 Site gets a 5 of 5 star rating!

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  1. This sounds like a great option without asking potential tenants to provide documentation that could be fake or outdated.


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