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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Freschetta Pizza Review

Around BUFFALO there's NOTHING we like better then Pizza and Wings-so when we find a GOOD pizza we tell EVERYONE!!!  Many have tried to impress us --many have failed. When it comes to frozen  very few can deliver a REAL PIZZA taste. That's why I love Freschetta's they use top quality ingredients like REAL cheese and premium meats-for the BEST FLAVOR!

I'm blogging about boycotting BLAH pizza and FIGHT FOR FRESCH!!! join the Rally for Real Pizza  with Freschetta's! Add a photo to the RallyMosaic on Facebook  and you could be a winner...Each week 100 fans will recive 5 Freschetta Pizzas, On March 30 10 winners will recive PIZZA FOR A YEAR!!!!!

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  1. What a bummer.. I'm in Texas, rather El Paso, which I'm starting to believe it's own country! lol! Anyways.. I do not recognize that brand. Another reason to go to New York!!

    1. A New York Slice is a must have for EVERY AMERICAN!! LOL

  2. I see coupons for these a lot, but I am more of a DiGiorno gal. Looks like I will have to give them a try. Are they picky-kid-friendly?

    1. DiGiorno is at the top of our list too... As for the picky-kid sorry my kids beg for veggies on their pizza so I REALLY don't know first hand, but there is such a large verity of Freschettas bound to be ONE they'd like =D


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