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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Dr Oz 28 Day Plan Days 16-20

I've been slake on posting about the days but I've been doing my best to keep up with them  here's a brief overview of days 16 -20

Day 16-- Calculate your BMI ... then work with that number
loosing 5 % of your body weight will improve your bodys ability to use insulin.
loosing 11 % of your body weight  can help lower blood pressure

Day 17-- Tweak your daily routine...
A few small steps can make a differance
 eat a snake post work out  a yogurt or hard boiled egg crucial for helping repairing muscle tissue

if the ac/heat  isn't on OPEN a window---You'll be amazed how much the fresh air helps.
Day 18--  Pass the POPCORN   you can eat 9 potato chips  or #cups of air-popped  popcorn.   This has become my GO TO snack during American Idol =)

Day 19 -- Pack a Smarter Lunch.  I don't pack a lunch but I can still follow the rules and I've worked them into my kids lunches as well.
 Very your Veggies...When your given a choice even a meaningless we value the outcome---pack two or more you'll up the odds of picking one =)
 Think Small...surve in small containers
BEWARE OF LOW-FAT... watch the serving size our minds  think low fat so sometimes we eat more!

Day 20 --Automate Your Breakfast. Its been shown that people who had at least a 30lbs weight loss for a year tended to consume a very limited variety of meals. This has been a tough one for me...I mixed it up between three things and worked a rutine out--I cannot eat a banana smoothie and greapefruit EVERY morning! I've stuck with the smoothie but change that up, and on Sundays I make a loaded eggwhite omelette.


  1. That's really an interesting fact at the end, that people who eat less variety lose more weight. This is a little off topic but the oldest man to live was 150 (a long time ago) and he ate the same thing every single day. Good luck with your plan!!

  2. I have rebooted my get rid of baby weight diet. I too find automating breakfast hard. I always have different cravings in the morning.

  3. Your breakfast gave me an idea for dinner. May be I should have smoothies in the evening! Will try it out and let you know what happens. Hope all is well with you!


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