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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

New Family calendars and other great books released from @QuartoKnows #review #ad

 I'm not by nature the most organized Mama around, but keeping a family calendar has become essential!! I was  excited to hear about the release two of 2018 calendars. Busy Family Calendar has date stickers and grids perfect for keeping your family organized. Color for Calm calendar will have you and your family coloring all year long. While both sound GREAT  I can color at anytime, getting organized appealed more to me.



I like all the extras it has
  • 18 Months large calendar grid
  • multi color lines  so each family member has their own row (great flip out reminder of who's color is what. Only have to write once!!)
  •  over 300 colorful reminder stickers
  •  and handy storage pocket don't loose important notices & permission slips
 Make it easy to manage everyone all year long! Our August is semi-full, but the boxes in September are filling up FAST!! I your family is as busy as ours - I know that your are- you need to check out or Barnes & Noble these great calendars are about $15.

Along with the Color for Calm calendar Quarto Group also released some creative books for coloring and decoration for artists at any level.

The Color for Calm is unique this boxed calendar has five double sided colored pencils attached to the back stand. All offer a stimulating visual challenge to amaze  coloring enthusiasts. With each of these books you will have pull-out pages to design and hang on the wall. These would make great Holiday Gifts!!


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