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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The iconic pop culture brand Bratz is back! #toy #review

 Bratz are back! If you have a lil  fashionista in your house you'll be running out to stock up on these!!

Famous for its creative take on girl’s fashion, Bratz has been re-imagined to reflect the trends of today and is poised to be every bit as trend-setting as the original collection was back in 2001. Below are some examples of the new lines. 

Study Abroad explores incredible countries around the world! Each doll adopts the culture’s traditional fashion and styles and incorporates them into their own wardrobe.

#SelfieSnaps lets fans get to know Bratz via their selfie snap styles and downloadable emoji icons. Each doll comes with techy accessories and their own smartphone.

 Sleepover Party specialty assortment includes dolls in cozy pajamas and all the essentials needed for slumber party fun, including an extra outfit, slippers, eye mask, snacks and more. 

Create-A-Bratz experience allows users to construct one-of-a-kind dolls. People will have the ability to pick numerous attributes which includes hair color, eyes and  clothing-SO CREATIVE!!!  

BFFL packs are exclusive to Toys R Us.  Friendship is always in style! The Bratz prove that different fashion senses and personalities totally compliment each other in this funky fashion friendship 2-pack! Accessories include BFFL necklaces for you and your bestie, a matching necklace set and trendy earrings for dolls, as well as an iconic Bratz  brush.

Older kids loved all the accessories. They also loved the outfit and found plenty more at the store including the  winged boots that are SO CUTE!  The doll itself would be great for the smaller kids 5-10   All of the little accessory pieces are a bit much for a lil one to keep track of and it's the only con I found--there's not some type of storage included- in the past a little tote or purse was included to hold smaller accessories
My daughter got creative with two mini Cosmetic Makeup Train Cases... a little DIY and a FABULOUS  storage space was made!
Dolls appears to be well made and I think will hold up to years of play.


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  1. I always thought the Bratz line was cute. My daughter was such a Tom Boy. Maybe my granddaughter will like doll babies. :)


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