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Monday, September 21, 2015

#ChildrensBookReview "Mommy Who Made Earth?"

With bold colorful images this story will fascinate the reader from ages 1 to

 100, the book Mommy Who Made Earth does open up the imagination.

   As a child, Carroll Harrison Kehne Jr. has been fascinated by  Earth’s

 creation. Recently he realized the topic could make a wonderful children’s book.

Using the KJV Bible written word  Carroll Harrison Kehne  Jr used his 

original silkscreen illustrations; expressionistic images that illustrate how

earth was made in seven day.

I love the art and the story. I care for young children at home and in my 

Church- it is a great book to add to my bag.

Even if you are not "religious" I think you can appreciate the creative look

at the world. I introduced it to Miss Molly and Mr Ryan  this week and we didn't

focus a whole lot on the Bible story but we talked about the beautiful colors

and how now with the change of the season we are seeing these colors all

around us.  I asked her what she could see in each page.

When I took it into the Nursery class at Church we did focus a little more on the

 story and I loved hearing all their creative interpretations of the illustrations.

This book will help stimulate imagination and artistic growth in young children, 

 and cause them to think and ask questions!

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