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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Simple acts of kindness brings good into the world. #30DayGIVE #LovetheGIVE #WearYourHeartOut




You might have seen these hashtags popping up on your Social media feed a lot -

#30DayGIVE is a collaborative challenge encouraging people to make giving a habit and inviting them to discover how deliberate acts of kindness can change the world. Your #30DayGIVE can be big or small, and start at any time. It’s about the difference YOU  make, the people you help and inspire.

I first herd about this as a member of Crowdtap  then I visited the main website and was even more intrigued. 
Here is the Challenge list given out by the  LoveTheGive website

The #30DayGIVE Challenge doesn’t always need to be something YOU do, it can also be thanking someone else for what they’ve done. GIVE thanks to a special person and share it to social!
These list are awesome--I've been doing my best to get them done!--NOT always in the order on the list but something from the list-

WEAR your heart out by drawing, getting a temporary tattoo or pinning a red heart to show you’re doing your #30DayGIVE Then SHARE  on Social Media and encourage other to give the challenge a try!  GET THE WHOLE FAMILY INVOLVED -MAKE A DIFFERENCE

~~~ I was NOT compensated by any brand or company to share this--IT'S just my 100% opinion on a great program.  Challenge list came from the Love The Give website and the quote photo is from google all other photos are my own.

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