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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Teaching you Child how to take good Pictures -Let @NatGeo new Book help you #Review

**WARNING this post is about photography MAY WILL contain an OUTRAGEOUS AMOUNT OF EYE-CATCHING  PICTURES**   =^D

In middle school many moons ago a teacher handed me a Eastman Kodak
I was hooked...taking what few classes our school offered in photography.
I wanted to learn as much as I could about how to get the best shot...learning how  to be creative with shutter speed using the photographic paper  in the darkroom and what effects could be done in different washing's.

 I remember at a teen getting my first Polaroid--the instant 
gratification of seeing your shot-80's  version of Instagram!

SO MUCH has changed now; so many great advancements in photography.  Everyone from Grandpa to tiny tot's can carry some device with a camera with them anywhere! Well National Geographic  is just the company to team children's author and a legendary photographer together to make a great guide for kids  learning to taking super photos. Annie Griffiths and Nancy Honovich collaborate to bring National Geographic Kids Guide to Photography:Tips & Tricks on How to Be a Great Photographer From the Pros & Your Pals at My Shot (National Geographic Children's Book; out Aug 4,2015 ages 8-12)

This is an easy to understand ....up-to-date guide on photography and photo equipment from a smartphone to  a point and shoot camera. There are awesome pointers presented in a kid friendly format and the book is PACKED with information on how to take photos of many different subjects -people, animals, sports, landscape and even underwater! 

My Son was eager to get out and put some of what he read to the test. We planed a day at a local park that has an abundance of great subjects for photo opportunities. 

As most of the time I'm the one behind the camera he snapped a pretty good shot of me too.

When we got back home he played around with a few editing tools and gave his photos a more polished and professional look. Makes a Mama PROUD =^D

Young photographers are also invited to share their skills online at the National Geographic Kids MY SHOT COMMUNITY moderated online community , kids can safely share their photos and take challenges from National Geographic editors. I know my Son was eager to join the site and share a few of the photos he took. He liked the different challenges and cannot wait to get out for another fun photo taking session.


  1. My boys love to take pictures and they need help in this area.I could even use the help too.

    1. I DID enjoy the tips myself too--Learned a few new tricks =D

  2. This is such a brilliant idea -- I love it!


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