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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Fun Summer Toy #PocketDisc #review


The Pocket Disc is the most versatile disc on earth.  All cotton and very 

pack-able, its the ultimate travel toy - people love playing anywhere from

 music festivals to indoors with their kids on a rainy day.  Dogs love 'em too - 

 won't chip their teeth or cut their gums.  As a play toy (not left out to chew)

 the Pocket Disc will last for years for Fido.

But most of all the Pocket Disc is fun.  I also like how well it sores and because its sof if you catch with your face --like I tend to do--NO PAIN!!!  =^D

 They come in a wide range of beautiful colorful patterns- 

The site  also offer a nice array of other items including 4 styles of Pocket Discs, kicksacks (aka hacky sacks), pet collars, headbands, and more.  

I see much Pocket Disc fun
in your future! 

The story  is  Six years ago it was done as a School Project by the owners

 daughter-- now over 1 million discs have  sold, that help support

 over 500 artisans.  Installed water filtration systems in their villages

 and the work is enabling the children to stay in school longer, enhancing their


A great toy with a worthy cause -I can get behind!!


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  1. That looks like a durable toy. My boys would have fun throwing this to our friends dog.


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