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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Products that can help you stay Healthy and Keep family Safe

Pediatricians and moms have trusted Dreft for years to safely launder newborn and baby clothes without fear of allergic reactions or harsh ingredients that can irritate baby’s skin pair it with Downy Wrinkle-This stuff is really great for when you don't have time to a busy Mom -NEVER !

Now Dreft has introduced a safe line of cleaning products that is formulated to be gentle on baby's skin and tough on stains, Dreft has you covered every step of the way on the big, messy, beautiful journey ahead.

Getting dirty is a childhood right; for parents it is their job to clean up the aftermath. From cute hooded towels, to rubber duckies parents spend a lot of time trying to encourage their kids to bathe. There seems to be two sides to the spectrum, little ones who love bath time and are part fish or, a child that has to be pleaded with to bathe. Either way Kandoo has you covered! They have fun smells and the soap makes great suds for hours of fun. They also have the little bums covered with a great flush-able wipe that honestly some times I even use ;]

Keeping little noses clean can be another MONSTER:  Extra soft and scented in Great Grape, unscented and fresh scent—the fun scents encourage little ones to actually care for their runny nose.

With spring allergies in full force,  your home is a boogie battlefield. From runny noses, to sneezes to dry itchy noses the family cannot catch a break. Boogie Wipes has the solution to this problem and can spring clean the icky feelings right up.  Boogie Wipes and Boogie Mist work together to relieve these awful symptoms and are great products the whole family can use. I like tossing a few of the loose packs in the diaper bag for when I'm on the go, and the cute container looks great and has an easy pop up lid that little hands can grab a boogie wipe at home. 


  1. My boys love Kando soap. They love how it is purple foam.

  2. I need that stuff to keep wrinkles away! I barely have time to fold the laundry after it pops out of the dryer and by the time I get to it there are wrinkles in everything lol.


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