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Monday, February 2, 2015

Lost My Name Book #review

If in the new year you are expecting a new bundle of joy, or if you are looking for the perfect baby shower gift I've  got  great idea for you.

Lost My Name Book

Lost My Name is a must-have, magical gift for children - a personalized book like no other, packed with fun stories and beautiful illustrations. But the real magic lies in the personalization. The child is given the first letter of each character’s name, finally putting together their own name. Every name creates its own unique, personalized tale featuring an incredible cast of different characters. The books: “The Little Girl Who Lost Her Name” and “The Little Boy Who Lost His Name.” 

The books are so beautifully done. They will take your child on a grand adventure.

They tell the story of a child who sets off on a spectacular adventure to track down all the missing letters of their name. Kids will love to meet the glamorous Ostrich, sleep-deprived Bear or  Zebra torn between spots and stripes – and many, many more. No need to worry if your kids have unique names or if their names are spelled differently than mainstream names. Each book can include the letters you want with thousands of possibilities! Each book is printed on thick, environmentally-friendly paper and bound by hand. Suitable for children aged 2-7, $29.99 and shipping is free!

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