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Monday, November 3, 2014

Tips for having a more grateful child this Holiday Season

With Thanksgiving just around the corner-I have been thinking about how we give thanks on this day, but how important it is to work on our gratitude all year long. Especially for the BIG December Holiday!   Here are a few ways I think will help foster an attitude of gratitude for the holidays. (and really all year)

 Now is the time when every commercial is geared the kids, showing 100's of new toys..."I want that!!!" or "I'm putting that on my Christmas list!" is herd every 5 minutes. Talk to your kids and  remind them  to keep it real-
This year more then ever "KEEPING IT REAL" with my kids has been my motto. Might not be the situation in you home exactly, but the point should be made. Even if you can afford to buy them everything on their Holiday Wish  List let them know the list is a guide, and there might be some items from it. There might even be some gift they didn't put on the list.

This is for both opening and sending out thank-you cards after. Lets face is we KNOW  there is nothing more HONEST then a child, but you can  prepared them on how to react to a gift they find less then pleasing... "Thanks- I like the color" or "So nice of you"  A gift they are not super thrilled about has to have one positive point they can make  or just simply a hug to show they are grateful to have received a gift at all.

This really should be#1.  We as parents are the best teachers. When we receive a less then flattering top (for example) make it a point to mention a redeeming quality like "how soft" We have to model gratitude if we want our kids to be thankful we need to show them how. Write out Thank-you cards. Its a tradition that has seemed to fall into the abyss and my kids are not big fans, "I've already said thanks" and "Do I REALLY have to..." YEP!  at our house it's a MUST! I think taking the extra step to put it in words is so touching.


When I go through old clothes and toy I have my kiddos help me pick out some things. Although we are struggling to make our ends meet financially, we haven't gone with out our basic needs being met- others aren't as blessed as we are. If we can help by giving of something we don't use anymore, we can make their Holiday a good one.

Following these few steps will help your children to be more positive in all aspects of their lives. It will make for a more joyful season!


  1. What great reminders and ways to help our kids to be thankful. Donating is a step we are going to do this year. We don't have a lot either but it I think when your child see you give even something small it can be a great example to them!

    1. I agree there is a story of a widow's mite I share that with the kids and they realize small sacrifices of the poor means just as much as the extravagant, but proportionately lesser, donations of the rich.

  2. My boys dont write a list as I want them to be surprised. We always buy gifts for another child too.

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