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Friday, December 27, 2013

WHY WOULD I TRY #NUTRISYSTEM for the NEW YEAR -Janine is a True Believer in Nutrisystem

As the new Year is approaching loosing weight is #1 goal for me -Hearing stories like Janinie's is very helpful finding a program that will work for me.

One way to learn about the Nutrisystem diet is to look at other people’s experiences. One interesting case is that of Janine’s. For Janine, Nutrisystem is the only weight loss program that has truly worked for her, and she loves to share about her experience with all her friends.  After just six weeks on the program, Janine regrets that it took her so long to find the program.  The packaged meals are sent to her home once a month, and she loves the convenience and flavor of the meals. 
For years now Janine has been trying to lose those last 10 pounds to no avail, but in these six short weeks Janine has finally managed to achieve her goal, and she doesn't plan on having that weight ever come back again. 

A troubled past

Janine’s past didn’t make it easy to lose weight, because she suffered from the eating disorder known as bulimia for a whopping 14 years.  Since she has been in recovery, there have been some extra pounds that have crept on, and she’s been looking for a safe and sensible plan that in no way resembles the tortured eating habits of her past.  What really appealed most about the plan was the tasty variety of foods that Janine could enjoy.  The various different savory and salty flavors were very appealing for her, and this enthusiasm about the Nutrisystem food was what kept Janine focused throughout her weight loss journey. 
Because of the variety of the food, Janine was not propelled into the binging behavior of her past because she was finally satisfied both with the taste and the nutritional aspect of the plan.  This was something she had never experienced before, and was a welcomed change in her eating habits. 
It’s affordable
The other important element that kept Janine on the plan was that she found the diet to be affordable in comparison to what she was spending at the grocery store in the past.  With the Nutrisystem program, Janine only needs to purchase fruits vegetables and dairy to round-out her daily menu.  Since she made it a point to go to discount grocers for this produce, she was actually saving money on her monthly food supply.  Coupons for the plan from decreased the overall cost even more.  This was another element that encouraged Janine to stay the course.
Janine claims that she also loves the protein shakes on the Nutrisystem plan, something that she has never cared for in the past.  This is a nice convenient option for lunches on the go or when she was stuck at work. 
Working it out

Not only is Nutrisystem helping Janine to work out her issues with food, but she’s also working out at the gym.  With a diverse exercise program that she diligently follows, Janine is on the fast track to good health and weight loss success.  Janine is now 50 years old, and claims that in the short time she’s been on the Nutrisystem plan she’s quickly approaching the best fitness level and state of health she’s ever experienced.  Now with gratitude and a new lease on life, Janine is sure to make her 50’s her best decade yet.  

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