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Thursday, December 19, 2013

#TBT Christmas Toys

TBT Holiday Gifts!
I think the BEST one for me as a kid ever was Barbies Townhouse House (1977) —I I wasn't even REALLY into Barbie but I got into her more that year after getting the house. 

 My Aunt who’s just 4 years older then me got the Dream Pool and Camper Van.

 ~~I think our parents planned gifts together that year  ;D ~~

Do you remember a gift you were just over the moon for???
Do your kids have one this year--5 more shopping days =D


  1. I wanted that pool so bad. SO. BAD. I wasn't even really into Barbies, but that pool...desperate for it! I never got it, but I did get both of the Barbie horses, which was much more my style!

  2. I wanted the He-Man Castle of Greyskull so bad, but I got Barbies and my brother got the castle! Guess my Mom just wanted to remind me I was a girl!

  3. My niece would go nuts for these barbie toys! Thanks so much for sharing! Will def be sharing this with my sis if she hasn't already gotten them! xo xo

  4. My four year old niece is into Barbies. I am sure she will love the Barbie Townhouse.


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