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Friday, May 24, 2013

#Summer Cakes with #Betty Crocker

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are 100% my own.

Betty Crocker’s summer cake ideas  spark the imagination and can bring something special to your summer parties. Betty Crocker, America’s baking expert, is sharing five summery cake recipes that are easy to make and sure to delight.  Are you looking for fun ways to make something extra special – without spending the entire day in the kitchen – that’s the beauty of these recipes. They’re easy to follow -many of you know my daughter is the baker in the family and she found these recipes to be very EZ and lots of fun. 

·         Ice Cream Cone Cakes – Kids of all ages will love personalizing these single-serving cakes! 
And this infographic shows easy step-by-step directions for making these adorable (and delicious!) cakes.
·         Flip-Flops Cake– Personalize these edible summer wardrobe favorites with candies and fruit snacks – transforming a sheet cake into footwear that looks (and is) good enough to eat.
·         Watermelon Cake – Your family’s favorite fruit is about to get even more popular. This melt-in-your-mouth cake offers a surprise in every bite, with chocolate chip “seeds” and a green jelly bean “rind.”
·         Cookies n Cream Cupcakes – Perfect for family picnics, these cupcakes taste like your favorite ice cream without all the mess!
·         Butterfly Cake – This beautiful, and fun, cake transforms a traditional birthday cake into a beautiful butterfly perfect for outdoor summer parties.

Check out some other great recipes here.

I'd love if you  would leave a comment below and share your favorite family memories from summer baking, your favorite trends and cake ideas from Betty Crocker and how you would personalize these cakes to make them your own. This weekend we are going to try a few of these. Check out our Flip Flops.

keep a look out for more!


  1. I always marvel at pictures and recipes I find for those ice cream cone cakes. They are so cute and creative! The Flip Flops cake is awesome and yours looks really great and makes me think that maybe I wouldn't mess it up too badly. I checked out the Cookies n Cream Cupcakes recipe and they look too good not to try!

    1. They are pretty EZ and if you mess up not a HUGE deal...smooth it out with the icing! =)

  2. The Flip FLops is really cool! I haven't really baked a cake yet, but I hope to be able to soon. Icing and designing a cake I have a tried a week ago, though. It was a little hard for me but I'm glad I'm done with the "first-time" experience.

    The watermelon cake looks so enticing to eat, haha, like a real watermelon. I can't check out the butterfly cake and the cookies n cream cupcakes, I think the link is broken.

    1. We are doing the watermelon next--I checked the links they work for me??? =}

  3. I've made the ice cream cone cakes and they are fairly easy - and very cute too! Way better than a regular cupcake!

  4. I have always wondered how people made ice cream cone cupcakes. Thank you for sharing, this is a cute idea for a birthday party without the cupcake paper mess.

  5. These cakes look like such fun to make! The Flip Lpos are cute!

    1. they were fun to do--and the "FLIP FLOPS" were a huge hit for my daughters birthday!!


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