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Monday, May 21, 2012

Who inspires you?

I'm sharing this post as a challange from Coffee-mate Brew Crew

Share who inspires you most.
How did that person impact your life? 

She's the one who's had the most impact in all the choices I've made.

#1 She put her faith first....even when it meant having family turn away---Her father even refused to give her away at her wedding! Thankfully in time things did mend and they are closer now...but for year is was very tough.

#2 aside from GOD her family (my dad,brother, and me)  everything she did was to make one or all of us as happy as she could. Now with the grand babies-there just another generation to spread her love too.

#3 she wanted to stay home but knew my Dads job alone would cut it -- She started her own child care right in our home. There was one summer we had 7 kids that were coming on different days--it was great playmates for my brother and I

#4 I've seen her struggle over the last few years with physical and mental issues, that I'll not get into very deeply, but even at her darkest moment(and they've been pretty low) she'd call me or my brother just to say "I Love You!!

#5 She inspiries me because watching her I feel there is HOPE FOR ME AS A MOM!


  1. Glad that your mother inspires you. it is always good to have someone for inspiration. my grandmother inspires me

  2. What a sweet tribute to your mom! I hope someday my kids say such kind things about me. :)

  3. Oh your mother should be so proud to have raised a daughter that appreciates and loves her so much. Too often I think our mothers do their very best and for their kids, it's just never enough!

  4. What a lovely tribute to your Mom! Through thick and thin, ups and downs, they are always there for us, even if we are all grown up :-)


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