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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Crowned #Review #ChildrensBook

Julia Dweck has done it again!! We met Quinn is a fairy sprite who dreams of becoming queen. But how does one become a queen? You'll have to read the boo to find out-I love the great rhyme of the story. The story encourage children to dream big!! The message was clear to me as an adult, it's also spelt out at the end of the story, for the benefit of children

 As always Ms Dweck has included some great activities at the end of the book. I'm sure every little Princess will ask you to read it over and over again!!


  1. How cute is this!!!? My daughter would love it:)

  2. I like that there are activities in the back of the book!

  3. I want to be a queen! I love books that allow kids to dream and be imagitive.


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