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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Pets are loving the new #Purex detergent #REVIEW #PurexInsider

From the Desk of Shalby:

If your an avid reader of ReviewsSheROTE you know my  human is  a PurexInsider and she loves sharing the latest and greatest from the company. Last night I was purrrsuing the internet and I saw the newset item from the Purex line
I couldn't wait for my human to wake up I had to share right away!!
  ~NEW Purex Fresh Pet detergent for Pet Clothing!~

 Here's a little bit about the product in their words:
Introducing NEW Purex Fresh Pet-Cuddly clean clothes for your furry family
Purex Fresh Pet keeps your furry friends clothing bright and clean just like yours!

 NEW Purex Fresh Pet liquid detergent with Odor Control Action is a premium pet clothing


 I jumped on Amazon and ordered a case full right away!

 It is specially formulated to condition and moisturize our fur and eliminate

 odor while we wear our favorite outfits. Whether lounging around on the living room rug or

 strutting our stuff while we walk you around the  neighborhood, our outfits will surely be


You spend so much on our sweet threads  and we look so cute I strongly  urge you to invest in Purex Fresh Pet so we can enjoy more days like this:


OH NO I think I hear the humans waking up now...Shalby OUT!!!

DISCLOSE: While this may not need to be said, we would like to be as clear as possible: Purex Fresh Pet detergent for Pet Clothing is not a real Purex product. This announcement is part of Purex’s April Fool’s Day joke and Purex has no plans to actually develop this product.


  1. That´s cool April Fool´s Day joke :D

  2. LOL
    A lil sad it's not real--sure my dogs would LOVE it! =D

  3. Haha, how cute! Happy April Fool's! :)

  4. lol I have been pulling April Fool's jokes all day ;) My poor hubby

  5. OMG--TOTALLY got me!! I was about to place an order! =D

  6. ha ha ha I am thankful I read the comments and also the disclaimer statement or else I have posted (wow this is what i need for my pets!)

    I think I just said it now. he he
    April Fools Day must get used to me .

  7. Great joke but I bet there are plenty of people who want a product like this

  8. Haha! April Fools!! Cute kittens too :)

  9. LOL!! Cool joke. Though I know some people who would really buy it.

    Michelle F.

  10. Ha! I was thinking wow, my border collie must be missing out b/c I never put her in cute outfits and if I did, would just wash her stuff in my detergent. But ok, funny April Fool's joke.

  11. Oh my gosh! I actually didn't get any April Fools jokes today so this would be the first! Ha! Good one!


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