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Saturday, March 22, 2014

So Nice I'm sharing #twice

Twice logo

 I was just introduced  to a  site that sells awesome pre-loved clothes from brands like J.Crew,and Banana Republic, so I thought you'd  all want to check it out for sure! Some of my daughters favorite cloths have been purchase used, buying used, I am often able to get better quality clothing than what I could afford if I bought new. And with tween it's all about NOT wearing the same outfit too often.
 They'll buy your used clothes too, and they've got a $20.00 promo going on right now, so try to take advantage of it if you can!Click HERE for more info.

Look at the cute clothes that are on the site now


  1. I love this site! I've gotten some pretty great outfits from Twice!

  2. OK that's interesting going to have to do it!


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