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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Mustachifier! The Unique Baby gift for every hipster parent! ~~REVIEW~~

I Mustache you a question...
 do you know what the HOT HOT HOT

  fad  is rightnow??? 


It started in  Australia in 2003 as a  movement to

changing the face of men's health...and nearly

over night, the hipster mustache

movement took the fashion world by storm.

 Mustaches are in. And that’s true not just

for hipsters…but for babies too!

 That’s thanks in large part to Mustachifier! 

Baby Mustache Pacifier - the Cowboy by MustachifierBaby Mustache Pacifier - the Ladies Man by Mustachifier

Mustachifier is made by FCTRY, a small, happy, family-owned product design company in Brooklyn. They carry a vast line of mustache pacifiers. How cool would it be to have/know the hippest baby on the block?!?!?!

They are made from flexible teething material, have a natural shape and are BPA free.It met or exceeded all of the United States safety standards for pacifiers! 
 You can order on-line or Find a store near you.

They are hosting a Facebook Sweepstakes starting the week of July 8th, so be sure to  check that out!!


  1. Buahahahaha, that's way too cute and I want one for the new baby in our family (never mind that she's a girl, I'm getting one). :)

  2. oh cute!!! NO more passies for my two--but it would be a really nice shower gift =)

  3. This would be such a cool baby shower gift to give out to friends.

  4. Oh how cute! And I like the idea as a baby shower gift.

  5. These are so cute. My son had one for a little while and liked wearing it.

    1. I think I have him wearing it in a photo of mine. Your welcome to link to it if you want.

  6. Those are too darned funny! I love this idea

  7. How cute! I wish we had one of these when my son was still a baby. :)

  8. That is so cute! Tom Selleck babies lol.

  9. omg these are too funny. As soon as I have a baby, there will be a mustache photo session!

  10. Aawww! so cute. He look so funny in that binky

  11. That is so funny! LOVE when folks make creative pacifiers!

  12. I don't even know what to say. SO many of the things they come out with, now that I don't think I"ll get to purchase and try out. (I think two is enough for me, lol)
    This is so adorable I just don't know what to say!!!

  13. There has been an ongoing family joke with my Husband's cousin. The Uncle always has facial hair and everyone is trying to get his son to grow a mustache. We tried to rally men to grow one for his wedding. A few followed through. I saw this on Pinterest and we are saving this for when they have their first child.

  14. OMG! This would be a hysterical baby gift!!!

  15. Those are so funny. I'm not sure why mustaches are all the rage lately, but they are cute on a baby. LOL

  16. Oh my goodness they are adorable! Even my 16 year old and her friends love wearing mustaches. It's all the rage!! Thanks for sharing!

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