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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wordless Wednesday FUN with COUSINS

Brother and his family were in from Indiana so today's WW is-Fun with Cousins!
**15  FUN PHOTOS!!--
this is only some of the many I took and your spared the fun girls sleep over pix and the photos from the battle zone game (like paintball but with nerf ballsand black lights) because I like a SILLYHEAD DELETED  THEM!!!  =O

We went to a local entertainment center called  JUST FUN we had that and more!!!

ski ball--my brother beat me by 100 points!!!!

\We caged all the little MONKEY'S!!!

Guitar Hero face off

This Pirate wheel was the big hit in the arcade

my nephew hit the 500!!!!

swimming in the tickets!!!

my Dad played next!!!
WOW 500 again!!!!

Proud spinners!!!!

Spinning Bumper Cars

Hockey Face Off

Goodies for home!

thanks for viewing--I KNOW ITS A LOT!!!!  =^} But we only get together twice a year all of us--so its always a BLAST!!!!


  1. I HATE to delete quality photos. I did it on accident at Disney once and one of my kids was smart enough to pull the memory card out (risky but it worked) while the camera was swiftly eliminating everything.

    These pictures are great. The bumpers look really fun!

  2. The bumper cars look great! FUN!

    We accidentally deleted all the photos on my son's camera while trying to edit in the camera. It's a crushing blow -- and happens to everyone now and then!

  3. Oh my gosh, how fun!! Sorry to hear you lost some pics!

  4. Oooh! I love ski ball! I dream of having one in my basement one day lol. Those bumper cars look too fun!


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