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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

NO MORE -physical or sexual abuse awareness site


Our failure to talk about these issues- physical or sexual abuse- to recognize the warning signs, and to create supportive environments in our homes, schools and communities where victims are able to come forward, are all reasons why they continue to happen. We are all bystanders to the violence and abuse that goes on in our circles of influence and it's time for that to end. 
Soon, you'll be seeing this symbol everywhere: in celebrity advertisements, national media outlets and on the homepages of thousands of blogs. I hope that you will be among this group, because I  know that you and your readers have a huge stake in this issue, and that your influence is invaluable to this important cause. 

To place this badge on your blog, please copy and paste this entire code and post to your blog:
&source=0037000000vFhaIAAS&file_id=24" target="_blank">" width="165" height="165" border="0" />0037000000vFhaIAAS&source=0037000000vFhaIAAS&file_id=24" width="1" height="1">

Please copy and paste the code above to share the badge. Then pass the information along.

I received this information as a Mom Central member-Mom Central is joining the ranks of NO MORE's early adopters and contributors who include actress Mariska Hargitay, teen pop singer Jasmine Villegas, the SR2 Motorsports NASCAR Team and marketing minds from Google and Facebook.

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