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Monday, April 2, 2012

Its just STUFF.....

CRASH!!!!!!!!  The sound that brings terror into every parents mind!

Followed by "MOM, I'm SO SORRY!!!!" OK lil lady is talking so she's alright!  As I make my way to the "crash site" I see pieces of china scattered EVERY  WHERE! Honestly my heart sank into my feet!!!!! BUT somehow I kept it together! "its OK  get the  broom..."

My daughter and her cuz had asked if they could play tea party she had grabbed a few of the china cups and some other do dads to decorate for the party. NOW she's almost 10 and had played with these before so I didn't think much of it, but somehow in their excitment the girls lost balance going down the stairs and that was the crash.  Most of my tea cups are yard sale finds so really no big I was cleaning I did see one thing that caused my heart to sink again-- a minishoe from my collection, it was the shoe my hubby bought me on our honeymoon. The ankle strap had broke off...

thanksfully a lil superglue and should be as good as new

I flashed back to my teaching days and remembered when children make mistakes, errors and failures they need to be treated as important learing steps.
This was going to be a lesson for myself as well as the girls. Now they will learn to hold on more firmly next time; and I learned IT'S JUST STUFF! Thankfully neaither of the girls had any  bumps, bruises, or broken bones.
As the adult we have to learn to controll our emothions somethimes.
REMEMBER as the parent, caregiver or teacher we are the role models of behavior for our children,we demonstrate everyday  through language, social interaction or ways of handeling stress...Use every moment ( even the "BAD ONES") as a way to learn. From birth, children begin to infulence the behavior of parents and caregivers. In turn, parents and caregivers influence the child. Thus, developing  a give-and-take process that contintuosly inflouence each other's behaviors.


  1. That was so well handled, mama! You're right; it's just stuff!

  2. You are right kids are more important. I have had a lot of my precious 'stuff' broken. It has taught me it's just stuff and we have put most of it away until the kids are older. Maybe we should have just kept it out so they would learn, but most all of it is gone.

    Thanks for sharing


  3. You are so right, its just STUFF! I have had so many precious things broken, but we cant get to crazy, they can be replaced.

    1. so much of it was just yard sales finds so even if it couldn't be replaced no loss =} but it was a great learning moment for all.

  4. WHen I was growing up I climbed up on a shelf and all my mom's schwarofski crystals fell down and broke! I remember feeling terrible but she had a mantra "accidents happen". she was disappointed but she said "it's only an accident".
    I will always remember that!

  5. are so much more important than things.

    But it sure can be gut wrenching when they break or damage a trinket I love.

    You did good mama :)


  6. My son dunked my cellphone in a glass full of water once. You get upset and sigh but you know, at the end of the day, these are just items. And at least I didn't dunk my son in a pail of water so he knows how my phone felt! Haha KIDDING :)

  7. LOL Anne-sounds like something I'd "think" about doing too...


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