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Monday, August 8, 2016

Cactus Water Keeps Kids Drinking Healthy with @steaz

Back to School  already!! It's time to consider how to keep kids eating healthy at school. Most make sure little ones have a healthy snack but still pack in a soda or other sports drinks – which are full of sugar and have little nutritional value. Don’t forget to choose a healthy drink to pack in kids’ lunchboxes, or to have for after school snacks

Steaz Cactus Water comes in three refreshing flavors: Cactus Water with Green Tea, Cactus Water with Cucumber and Green Tea, and Cactus Water with Starfruit and Green Tea.

 My daughter said they are "Good and Berry & the green tea is not to strong"

My kids stay after for sports and although we pack water it's always nice for a little extra special treat, but one that will not cause a sugar crash  in the middle of practice! The Cactus Water is packed with  natural electrolytes, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties and other great health benefits.

Steaz has  one goal in mind: to help people lead healthier lives. They do that by providing people with the best tasting beverages on the planet, made the right way. 




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