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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Great Survey Site

 I am a member of an online opinion panel called American Consumer Opinion. It is an online community where I get emailed invitations to participate in surveys. Sometimes they even mail out product samples to try out at home. You are paid for every survey you complete.

I thought my readers might be interested in joining American Consumer Opinion since they are looking for members who are interested in helping business owners become more competitive. It just takes a few minutes to register to become a member so you can start having your opinion heard too!

Don't forget to enter my email address in the "Referred By E-mail Address" box located on the Sign Up page.

Your information will never be used for sales or advertising purposes, and your name will never be sold.


  1. Thanks for the info I will have to check it out :)


  2. Good to know - would be great to earn money from home.

  3. Wow! I'd be curious to see how much the pay you per survey. Do you know what the do with the results?

  4. Sounds interesting. Thanks for the heads up!


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