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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Fit For We Mommy & Me Matching Water Bottles #Review #FitforWeMommyMeWaterBottles

Getting into a workout routine made it on my New Years Resolution list-and what better way to do it then with kids- they just see it as play! Along with a good work out I'm making a better effort to DRINK MORE WATER!  Having a waterbottle at the ready make this resolution simple!


The "Fit for We Mommy & Me" Refillable Tritan Water Bottles for Mommy and Kids   

They come in two sizes 25 and 18 oz

Safe to Use: Non-toxic, made with durable Eastman Tritan, a clear BPA free
 co-polyester, tested to be FDA safe for use with beverages.

 Shatter Proof and top rack Dishwasher Safe

Easy to Use: Flip open cap with push button lid makes it easy for kids to use.(see my video of Miss Molly below) I LOVE that there is a flip lock for an extra secure close when your not using the bottle.

Small finger-loop for easy carrying.

Convenient to Use: Our snap top lid ensures that these bottles will be Leak-proof.
 No Spillage at all!

Lightweight & Shatterproof ! Perfect for Kids!

Fun to Use: Enjoy with your child at Exercise Class, at Mommy & Me Class and absolutely ANYWHERE


The set is sold on Amazon.


  1. I always bring water bottles with me to the gym! That sounds like a great bottle.

  2. That's a cool looking bottle. I like that it's pink. :)

  3. I love the bottle and anything that encourages drinking more water!

  4. Such a cute photo! I just switched from Diet Coke to water and it is a big adjustment but I feel so much better.

  5. These are cute water bottles. I'm working hard on drinking more water.

  6. Cute water bottles. I love the ones with the locking lids so they don't spill.

  7. Okay, those are cute and I love them. I too, got a couple of my kids to exercise with me and we've been having a blast!

  8. I love the features of this product! Perfect for kids!

  9. These are great! Would love to have a set for my kids and I.

  10. Great idea. I love that it's a special material that won't leach into the beverage.

  11. I like those water bottles. Aways carry water when I go somewhere

  12. Looks like a cute water bottle. The color and shape of the bottle gives a stylish look. Flip open and lock will be a good option for kids. Great to know that it is BPA free as well. Will have to check this out. Thanks for sharing.

  13. These are awesome water bottles indeed to share with the kids. The snap top lid I so love because it will not leak. I used to love working out with the kids because they do see it as play. It gets the kids and yourself in better shape also. Thanks for sharing.


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