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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Sparklingtwi. Handmade Jewelry Site REVIEW

Mother's Day is just around the corner and what Mom would love a great hand made gift. If you lack the talent to do it yourself, I have a suggestion for a piece that is very well crafted and has a heartwarming story behind it too--what Mom could resist that.

 I was recently contacted by Michelle Hynek-Descham  the owner and designer behind 

the handcrafted jewelry shop Sparklingtwi. 

Once I heard her story  and saw her splendid work  I had to share.


 In early Spring of 2007 I became ill with an autoimmune disease called 

Hashimotos, which is natural destruction of the thyroid gland.

 Because of this, I had to quit my full tome job as my health wasn't up to par.

 I then  needed something to focus on and to keep myself busy, while my levels

 wrecked havoc for me . Sparklingtwi started off as a hobby something that I

 could do to help keep me busy and an outlet for my creative drive. I have

 been designing and selling my work, both online and privately.

I would love one day be able to make this a full time job rather than

 just a hobby. 

I  was thrilled with the elegance of her work on the pair of earrings she sent.

Here are a few other gorgeous pieces available at SPARKINGTWI

Turquoise Blue Bracelet. Fun Bracelet. Fabric Bracelet - JILLIAN - Costume Jewelry by SparklingtwiBlack Boho Earrings. Black Wood Earrings. Black Carved Earrings. Black Earrings - AGNES

Check out for might find JUST THE RIGHT PIECE FOR MOM.


  1. So many great pieces. I love those heart shaped earrings.

    Michelle F.

    1. I'm a sucker for Turquoise so I LOVE THEM!! =)

  2. Sometimes we are faced with physical obstacles so our spirit can soar!

    1. very true and she's found another outlet to enjoy--she does it beautifully too

  3. These are beautiful and I would totally wear the bracelet.

  4. She found a very nice hobby and her artwork and hand crafted jewelries will sure sell for people who really appreciates the value of such piece rather than the brand.

  5. Lovely pieces! Will check the site for more. :)

  6. Those are very pretty earrings. She does some really nice pieces!

  7. These are really pretty! I love handmade jewelry. There's always that extra touch to them.


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