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Monday, January 6, 2014

Happy New year---now get back to school!!!

NO more days of vacation


  1. and then there was snow lol

  2. I love that. My kids started back on Thursday and then had Friday off due to snow. I am thrilled everyone is back today

  3. Hahahaha!! Today is our last day of vacation!! Tomorrow, my 5 year old is back to school! :)


  4. We have another day off for weather. Boo has had, including Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks, 17 days off aside from weekends in almost 6 weeks. She's going stir crazy.

  5. My youngest daughter is a junior in high school so she was looking forward to going back to see her friends after a boring two week off for the holidays but the weather is too bad to start 1/6/14. Another day at home.

  6. Yay! Mine start too! I help in the classroom on Mondays so i get rid of them for 90 minutes then I have to head to the classroom :-)

  7. That's how I felt. My daughter was back last Thursday but now in MN we have a state wide day off because it is SUPER cold here.


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