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Monday, April 22, 2013

What are you doing for Earth Day?!?!

Every year on April 22nd we take a moment to  help spread the love for Planet Earth 

Sharing the ideas and practices we have for living a green life. This year marks

 the 43rd anniversary of Earth Day and it is estimated that one billion people

 around the globe will participate in activities and discussions to help protect

 and appreciate our home planet. WOW!!

You can read about some of my EZ ways to Go Green without braking the bank, and other good tips.

I think we forget how much power we

have to reshape our surroundings and

ultimately our children’s future.

We already do a variety of things:

take our chic reusable tote out shopping

turn off lights when you are not in a room.

reuse/recycle your plastic and tins.

For this Earth Day, some additional ways to improve our environment and our health:

Conserve Water
The amount of waste and chemicals in the production of water bottles is absolutely staggering. It is a myth that bottled water is healthier, and there are so very many fun and easy options now for healthy filtered water.
It is very simple to put a filter on your tap faucet.

Buy a  water bottle;

different colors for everyone

in the family works really well.

Your reusable water bottles pay for themselves quickly from all the money you save by not buying disposable ones.

Ride Your Bike

Riding bicycles have many benefits. First, it helps with the environment by eliminating carbon dioxide fumes because bikes don't run on gasoline.

Biking offers many health benefits.

•increased cardiovascular fitness

•increased strength

•increased balance and flexibility

•increased endurance and stamina

•increased calories burned

Plus, being out on your bike is just flat-out fun. MOST Everyone can do it! The more time you spend on two wheels, the harder it is to take yourself too seriously!

Have Some Green Craft FUN!!!!!

Last year each of my kids planted a small tree in our yard

and my daughter and a few friends made paper.

This year I had planned to start working in the garden--but we had snow &  

hail this weekend! =O

So that got put on hold and we walked through the house and changed all the

 light bulbs instead 

and then we had some friends over and 

 made some candles from the recycle box/craft box.


A little bit of clear contact paper , scrap papers and TP tubes--CANDLES =)

Don't let going GREEN scare you!!!!!!!

even if you do everything in this post--

this Earth Day FIND ONE MORE


What will you do this Earth Day!??!??!!??!


  1. We generally try to make eco-friendly choices in our lives. Today I will be doing yard work :)

    1. sounds good--I want to get the garden going...but still a tad cool out we might get a indoor herb garden going tonight =)

  2. We're planting a new tree today, and growing our herb and vegetable garden. We always are in the habit of conserving water here in the desert. It's just what you do here;) Great post!

    1. I think we'll get our tree today but planing it will have to wait until next weekend TY for sharing!

  3. I'm not doing anything specifically for "Earth Day" however I've made it a habit to conserve, reuse and consider the environment in small ways daily.

  4. We try to be green as much as possible - we are hoping to do some composting this summer and add a rain barrel too!

  5. We don't really celebrate Earth day. I know the kids always do something special at school. We do recycle and one day I'd like to start composting. Those reusable totes are cute! We also have a stash of those.

  6. Nothing unusual going on here for Earth Day. We're pretty careful with our resources, though. I teach my kids never to litter, always recycle, etc. Hopefully it helps.

  7. I wanted to do a craft but came down with a bug so we will just be relaxing!!

  8. Great post - I'll save some of these ideas for craft days!!

  9. I'm probably not as green as I should be, but I have been improving. But I've heard those light bulbs (can't remember what they are called) were not better to use. That was one of my "green" things I did (changing out all my light bulbs), but then I heard (somewhere on the Internet) that they are not any I'm confused...

    I'd save a lot of energy if I could get my daughter to turn off the lights when she lives the room.

    Stopping by from VoiceBoks!

  10. I love taking my Walmart sacks to my son's daycare. It gets the extra ones out of my house and it gives them baggies to send soiled clothes home in.

  11. I think I'll go to the tulip festival and enjoy all the beautiful creations of God's earth!

  12. I didn't do anything specific, and I usually do, but the kids did in both elementary and middle school.

    Your tips are good ones to share.

  13. I've started recycling more and more these past couple of years. I think it's great that the mainstream of society is finally finding it "cool" to be green. It used to be so difficult to do! I'm so thankful for all the organizations that work hard to use recycled product in their materials!

  14. We planted 3 rose bushes in our front flower bed! It's going to be beautiful!


love to hear your thoughts......

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