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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Atkins House Party

Its the end of the first month of the New Year---how many made resolutions to diet or eat better??? How many fell off that wagon ALREADY?!?!?!
I made one resolution to make more realistic goals, and I found that I can do that following the Atkins Diet. I was pleased to be a House Party Host  and share this diet with a few friends.I of course has to try out a few meals before so I could share my thoughts on the taste
Hubby liked the bars!

Goodie bags all ready for the guest

served yummy foods from the cookbook like the Cold Roasted Tomato Soup, and the book is full of other great recipes that are very easy to make.
Enjoying the goods

Over all the guest were very pleased with the foods they tried out at the party.We played the  "What Meal Am I " game and the winner got to take home the Quick Start Guide Package. Many of the guest were excited to check out the Atkins online community

some Atkins meals that will make their way into my freezer weekly!

Thanks to the Atkins company and HouseParty  for such great party pack to host a delicious party!!!


  1. I tried the South Beach diet a long time ago, and found the amount of protein I had to eat was insane. Is it the same with Atkins? Still, I love the idea of hosting a house party to get all your friends on the wagon as well!

  2. I was a very successful Atkid years ago. I lost weight and kept it off for two years. I have to say that I failed the plan, it did not fail me. I do love leaning toward a low carb lifestyle, myself.

  3. I'm really cutting the carbs this month with a beach party thing coming up at a wedding. It does work, but you start thinking about that bread;)


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