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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Encouraging Creative play Summertime Play @Voice_of_Play

Its the FIRST DAY OF SUMMER-and it's Father's Day -What's a better way to spend time together then having a little Soccer fun at the park!!

~Kids of all ages  have so much free fun at parks and playgrounds.

This post is sponsored by the Voice of Play”-The Voice of Play is an education and advocacy initiative of the non-profit membership association, IPEMA, formed to educate and promote the benefits of children’s free outdoor play.

My children have loved visiting parks. During the Summer there are some school friends who don't live close -picking a park is a great place to meet up-and no one has to worry about cleaning the house (WIN FOR MAMA)  They can play on the play-sets, swing, take a nice walk in the trails then enjoy a picnic lunch together.

Our town and  runs a Summer Craft Hour on every third Tuesday and on Wednesdays the main Town Park has a teens stay & play day --they  have an inflatable actives course, table games and Octoball Court along with crafts music and more There are several chaperon's  so you can leave them without worry-because honestly  what teen want to hang out with Mom all afternoon!!!  I love knowing my daughter is getting physical, social, emotional and cognitive benefits of play... and she just thinks of it as FUN!!!

I strongly encourage you to check out IPEMA wesite to learn more about play-they have a great PLAY PLEDGE you and you children could try to complete this summer- they also have a list of the many benefitsof playground play; aside from physical I love this quote I read on the site:
"Social skills development plays a vital role in a child’s maturation process. While kids are merely playing and having fun, little do they know that the lessons they learn on the playground will provide a foundation to grow into socially-adjusted, well-adapted adults."

So what are you waiting for: GET OUT AND PLAY!!  


  1. We were 100 degrees here so we went swimming. My boys had fun with their da in the pool.

  2. It's 102+ degrees here -- so it's pool for playtime now!


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