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Sunday, February 16, 2014

@Katazoom Wall Decals for Home and Business ~ #REVIEW and #GIVEAWAY ~ Ends 2/16 WINNER

I received a Katazoom Vinyl Wall Decal for this review. Opinions expressed are 100% my own.

Looking for a quick "pick me up" for your walls...throwing a family party and need to jazz up your your kids room a mini make over??? I've found just the site to help you with your designing decisions. KATAZOOM!! 

About Katazoom-
Katazoom designs and produces unique wall art, word art, vinyl lettering, murals, vehicle graphics and more. Katazoom offers a wide selection of quality wall decals, ranging from vinyl wall clocks, vinyl wall designs, and much more. Here are just a few...

Picture of What happens in the Man Cave stays in the Man CavePicture of  Love Bird Branch Wall Decal

They carry a personalized line as well. This is what caught my eye because my daughter is redoing her room and we NEVER can find anything with her name on it.We received  her own Personalized Monogram Girl Wall Decal  she could hardly wait to get it up on the wall.

The process is VERY easy.
1-remove back side from decal tape  it up with painters tape
2-using straight edge smooth out air bubbles
3-carefully remove cover paper
4-pose by your beautiful wall piece =D

She has a bigger  project in mind for her full name. She wanting to make a large canvas headboard and add it on.With all the loops and swirls she wasn't sure if she could remove that decal with out ripping the letters, if she chooses to re-do her room (HIGHLY LIKELY  in her case) 
Check out how gorgeous the font is!

I love that for under $30 she's able to make a huge impact in her room.

ReviewsSheROTE is partnering with Katazoom to offer a wall decal giveaway. You can win gift card to use for a high quality wall sticker decals from Katazoom and improve home and office decor.



  1. Whimsical Tree Branch with Birds

  2. I really like the sign "In everything we give thanks"! It's so true at my house. :)
    The texts and images are great!

  3. I really like the tree with birds decal.

  4. What a cool decal! I really love the idea of decals. They make a huge statement in any room, are fun while also being elegant, and they are not permanent, which I think is what I like most about them.

  5. Very pretty decals and they look like they are easy to put on.

    Michelle F.

  6. I love their tree branches! I have a bunch of tree type decals in my room it kinda looks like a decal forest :)

  7. Love the decals you gals chose, so cute!

  8. I love wall decals. I have them all over my office & boys rooms :)

  9. I like the Birch Trees with Single Bird - Wall Decal Set


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