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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Ball Park Hamburgers ~~REVIEW~~

As a member of Bzzagent I was part of a campaigne  to try out Ball Parks NEW Flame Grilled Hamburgers--Here's the facts about the burgers:
Seasoned, flame grilled and flash frozen to lock in bold flavor and provide just-off-the-grill taste,
 any way you cook themCan be prepared several ways — heat for 30–40 seconds in the microwave if refrigerated and 65–75 seconds if frozen, or use a skillet or grill if preferred

Available in three classic flavors: Beef Patty, Beef & Cheese Patty and Beef & Onion Patty

Sold in re-sealable 6-count packages at grocery stores and select mass retailers 

Located in the frozen meat or frozen snacks section for a suggested retail price of $8.29

We tried out the Beef Patty flavor...I had time to make up a great fruit kabob to have with it while I cooked them on a skillet. I did cook one in the microwave to compair still just as good I just liked the skillet--I could add some BBQ sauce and a hamburger rub too. 

(think of "Take Me Out to the Ball Game")


Three Bites--yum YUM!!

In the past I've avoided many frozen patties for the BBQ --most just fall to bits...I love new Ball Park Flame Grilled because I can get that great grilled taste WITHOUT  the mess! I didn't even tell the family they were a new brand until they were almost done-- they did know they weren't patties I made--hubby said mine are thicker in the middle so the edges get fried trying to cook the center properly-- so that was a plus in his book NO BURNT EDGES ~~ LOL~~
We give them High FIVE out of FIVE! They  will become part of our meal plans for sure!


  1. when are they coming to south georgia?

  2. I LOVE these burgers! When in the mood for a grilled burger, I can pop it in the microwave and a minute later, satisfied!

  3. I tried these hamburgers at our local Wal-Mart when they were giving them out for a taste test. Liked them right off and took home a package. Easy to fix in microwave-The meat is tasty enough that I can eat it plain on a roll. Don't need extras to cover the taste. It's actually very good. HOWEVER, I have NOT been able to find them in the stores since. Not in my local Wal-Marts or Food Lions. Where can I buy them? Ellen in Charlottesville, VA

    1. I'd check the website!/products/patties
      I've seen them in our local Tops and Wegmans-NY-not sure about VA =)

  4. i'm impressed that they're actually 100% beef - but definitely not impressed with the price. can get a frozen stack of ten beef patties (i have the same problem as you with making my own - pinkish in the middle and crusty on the edges) at Kroger for about the same price as this bag of six

  5. Had these for a sample in Giant Food in Maryland. I was instantly impressed and craved more. I've had the regular and beef & onion patties. They are great, the flavor is perfect, and it does taste grilled. I love that they're quick, easy, and tasty and my boyfriend can eat them though he hates onions! We were both satisfied...the price is a little up there though they should give you 8 to 10 for the price! Still worth it

  6. like others i've tried other frozen patties but none measure up to ball park burgers they really taste like they came off the grill these are sone good a** burgers. my search for a good burger is over

  7. I am hooked on these hamburgers. I can't get enough of them. I have never been a big hamburger fan, most are hard cooked and burned on edges. these are perfect and have the best favor of any hamburger I have had. so tasty

  8. AWESOME and available for about $1 each if you buy them at Sam's Club.

  9. Its too bad they have trans fat in them.

  10. they were ok but i was expecting a bigger grill taste.

  11. Mmmmmm,these look sooo yummy,wanna try the Beef and Onion! :) I could eat a few of these,thanx so much for sharing,have a blessed wknd! :)~Tg Gaut


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